Soybean Anchovies Soup 元神高汤

    Soybean Anchovies Soup 元神高汤



    Photo Description
    Soybean Anchovies Soup
    Benefits 功效
    • Rich Omega-3 Reduce Blood Pressure
    Ingredients 原料
    • Langkawi Anchovy 江鱼仔
    • Canada Soybean 黄豆
    • Himalaya Rock Salt 喜玛拉雅盐
    Menthod 煮法
    • Bring 2.5 Litres Of Water Ta A Boil. 将 2.5 公升水煮沸
    • Add The Soup Pack. 放入汤包
    • Turn To Medium Heat And Cook For 30 Minutes. 中小火煮 30 分钟
    • Lastly Add The Fish Ball, Noodle Or Fresh Vegetables. 最后放入鱼丸,面条和绿色蔬菜
    • Done. 完成

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