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We are proud to state that prawns and shrimps being sold at The Frozen Factory are farmed, caught, and transported directly from some of the most advanced integrated seawater shrimp farms in Malaysia, without the use of antibiotics or other chemicals.

To keep the freshness, the shrimps would be vacuum-packed and frozen before they are transported by the refrigerated vehicles to The Frozen Factory.

The Frozen Factory .鲜虾以马六甲海峡的纯净海水加上最先进的养殖方式,从虾苗开始至成虾收成,全程不添加任何抗生素以及化学药剂。

捕捞上岸之后,虾子立即被放入急速冷冻包装设备,再透过专属冷冻车传送到The Frozen Factory, 以保持食品安全以及虾肉鲜度。
Frozen Raw White Prawn 速冻鲜白虾   Frozen Cooked Black Tiger Prawn 速冻熟老虎虾   Frozen Raw Peeled And Devened Shrimp 虾仁-去壳去肠
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To keep our commitment to our customers on delivering the fresh-from-the-farm fishes at The Frozen Factory, we only present the fishes caught from the certified fish farms. These fish farms are certified by Department of Fishery (DOF) Malaysia with Mygap (Malaysia Good Aquaculture Practice Certificate) and Fish Quality Certification (FQC).
This means we only sell fishes which are farmed naturally at the unpolluted water regions. You can count on us on acquiring the most organic and the freshest fishes at The Frozen Factory.

我们向顾客所給予的保证是 The Frozen Factory 所引进的鱼货(海外进口鱼货除外)都是採天然海水生态以及无污染水域养殖。这一些渔场都是经过马来西亚渔业部(DOF)的马来西亚良好农业规范(MyGap)以及优质鱼认证 (FQC)。

这意味着这一些鱼货都是获准能夠出口至欧盟果家的高品质鱼货。所以,您可以放心在 The Frozen Factory 购买直接來至本地渔场的新鲜渔货。
Sanma 秋刀鱼   Sea Water Tilapia 海水尼罗红   Ikan Kembong 甘望鱼
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Lacto Chicken

Lacto Chicken 安心鸡

Antibiotic Free, Growth Hormone Free, Healthier Chicken (Lacto Chicken)
全程用心 买的安心 食在放心
The lacto chicken has gained name and popularity in Singapore in the last twenty years for their better and non-greasy taste. As compared to the traditional reared chicken, the lacto chicken is more succulent, sweeter, and taste more tender. 

Now you can also purchase these antibiotic-free, growth-hormone-free, healthier lacto chicken at The Frozen Factory.

在 The Frozen Factory,您可以购买到不含长肉剂,不含抗生素,天然又健康的安心鸡。


现在,你也能夠在The Frozen Factory 购买到无药物残留,较低胆固醇,以及更滑润鲜甜的安心鸡肉了。
An Xin Whole Chicken 安心全鸡   An Xin Chicken Whole Leg 安心鸡腿   An Xin Chicken Wings 安心鸡翅膀
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